The traditional cuisine of Manises, as in many other areas, forms part of the local culture and is present in everyday life as well as in festivals and celebrations.

It stands out for its link to the region and the seasonal products produced in the Valencian orchard. It includes all types of food such as meat, fish, cereals, pulses and, above all, fruit and vegetables.

Another of its main characteristics is the simplicity of the dishes, which has allowed the recipes to have survived over time and has meant that, nowadays, they can be made just as our ancestors made them.

"Plats de Manises" is a project that aims to place value on these dishes that are so characteristic of our town, made by following the same recipes of our mothers and grandmothers of Manises.

A compilation of the best-known recipes, using natural and locally produced ingredients. Cooked with love and care, using the same techniques as always.

Recipes that give all the locals of Manises a sense of belonging and that are part of our culinary heritage. Recipes linked to the fondest memories, to meals at home, to holidays and to family celebrations.

One of the objectives of "Plats de Manises" is to promote a circular economy based on high-quality products grown in the orchards of Valencia. The ingredients for these recipes can be purchased both at the local markets and in local shops, which offer personalised service and produce less plastic and waste, contributing favourably to the ecosystem.

In addition, these dishes can be enjoyed in our homes or in the restaurants of the community that offer these specialities, creating a new attraction for tourists and for the local population.

Another of the objectives is to highlight the synergy between cooking and ceramics, which is why all the dishes have been served in ceramic bowls made by local ceramic craftsmen.

Their pieces of pottery are available to the general public and certainly manage to add a visual stimulus to these delicious dishes.

Currently this project includes:

"Plats de Manises" book with 27 recipes including snacks, starters, main courses, desserts and drinks.

Recipe video of how to make “fesols rodats".

Recipe video of how to make rice with chard.

Recipe video of how to make “guisado de fiesta”.

Recipe video of how to make “Fabiola”.

Video recipes

Book "Plats de Manises"